Swapping rear axel on a Xsara Picasso

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Swapping rear axel on a Xsara Picasso

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So last Thursday morning I was heading out to work, started backing out from my parking spot forgetting I have the handbrake on, released it and heard a loud BANG when the entire back end collapsed to the ground. During the weekend I investigated what happened and turns out the left side torsion rod either snapped inside the swingarm, or the toothing (splines? scuse my english) in the hole gave up. I found a company 1.5hr away from me that does axel rebuilds so ordered a new axel from them online and on Tuesday morning got up before the sun to drive up to them to swap axels and get back home before I had to go to work. When I got to mounting the new refurbed axel we ran into a bit of a snag, BOTH sides of the rear beam mount bushing`s center bolts turned out about two turns then the nut inside the fully enclosed frame beam started to spin freely, so we were left with little options other than to angle grind the bolts to get the old bushings off, whack the nuts to the side with a piece of 8mm axel and a hammer and drill two big holes through the bottom of the trunk to get a 19mm socket into the space so we could fix the new bushings in place. Why I`m writing this is to ask did we do something stupid here neglecting some obvious walkaround we missed or is this really the only way to remedy this situation? We felt like this has GOT to be the last ditch option but between the four of us doing this we couldn`t figure out a better solution.

Nevertheless I now have a freshly refurbished rear axel with new bearings that`s been greased, new rear hub bearings new brakes etc, the car rides smoother than ever, I couldn`t believe how much the new bushings dampen road noise you could hear a mouse fart inside the car at 80kph now even that it`s been van converted so no rear seats, overall very happy with the result I just now have two 2EUR coin sized holes through the bottom of my trunk I need to paint so they don`t rust and probly plug once I find suitable sized rubber caps.