DS3 (2010) airconditioning troubleshooting...

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DS3 (2010) airconditioning troubleshooting...

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Hi everyone!

I am new to this forum and i am looking for some help or toughts on a problem. My 2010 citroen ds3 (with a 1.6 THP engine) has had multiple fault with the airconditioning system

So i found that the ac condensator needed replacement, also there was an ac clutch fault in the BSi. after some troubleshooting found that the magnetic coil was broken and so i replaced the condensator (leak checked), clutch spool and got a proper gas servicing done by a family member.

after this was done i heard a hissing noise coming from the evaporator, and when i hooked up the high and low pressure gauges i saw that the hi was coming up from 5 to ~9.5 bar and dropping down again, looping over and over (gets cold for a second on 9.5 bar hi pressure, or maybe a placebo effect?). The low pressure is around 2.5 bar, which should be enough according to the only chart i found on the internet. It seems to me that the ac compressor is deactivated for some reason, but sadly i couldn't find any activated protections when i read out the BSi with an obd-reader.

The only weird thing i found in the OBD-reader were some temperature sensors (in the BSi) that were not seeming to function properly. the anti-icing protection of the evaporator should come on when the evaporator temp sensor is reading <1 degrees celsius. this evaporator temperature sensor reads 1 degrees when i read it out on my OBD-reader, but then again the anti-icing protection status is 'not activated'. It could be a possibility that the OBD-scanner is reading wrong, the BSi is corrupt, or the temp sensor is faulty.

My questions: What could possibly be the fault. a leak in the evaporator? improper evaporation occuring? or a sensor activating a protection, since the compressor is looping and all... i also cannot seem to find the evaporator temperature sensor location, maybe someone with the experience here to help me out possibly..

I apologize for my improper english..
Thank you all for reading my post here and thank you for possible reactions!