Citroen C5 seat heating does not work

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Citroen C5 seat heating does not work

Post by timharvey »

Hello, Citroen C5's underseat heating system is not working. I want to replace the heating system and need a wiring diagram (with connector under the seat) to do it.

Any help. Thank.
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Re: Citroen C5 seat heating does not work

Post by GiveMeABreak »

You'll need to provide your VIN for a wiring diagram. Please post your VIN in full without spaces - it will be automatically masked from public view after submitting your post & will only be visible to staff.

In the interim, here are the resistance values which I'm assuming are for a C5 X7. These reference values are for ambient temperatures of 20°C +/- 10°C.
VehicleSeat / BackrestMeasuring point Pin numberMinimal valueMaximal value
C5 (X7)Seat1 - 40,72Ω0,95Ω
C5 (X7)Seat2 - 34 kΩ10 kΩ
C5 (X7)Backrest1 - 20,79Ω1,05Ω
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