Citroën Berlingo electric 2015

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Citroën Berlingo electric 2015

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Hi All,.

New to this forum,

Anyway I have Citroën Berlingo 2015 Electric with 22 kW battery with 41000 km on meter, brought it March this year, worked fine until a few weeks ago, it was parked without charging for a few days, main battery had around 75%. after days standing, try start and fault code came up in mid screen ( Engine fault: Repair needed ) realized 12 volt battery was low voltage and had replace and charge car. just a few days later it worked fine again.( all alarms gone )

Now after 25 days, same alarm comes back ( engine fault : repair needed )Car had been on charging with home charger ( have been driving car with out any issues between change of 12 volt until 22 of June.

1.start wonder if it could be a problem charging cable , but seems like a long shot as it worked before
2.Might need buy a fault code reader and see if could be some from time 12 volt battery was flat , and to have delated, ( of course I cant see any other alarm then this engine fault )

any suggestions should be highly preciated , Thanks.