107 Not Start

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107 Not Start

Post by Chrisbasce »

Hello guys im new around here.
So i have the next issue.
I have a 2009 peugeot 107 1.4 hdi with no battery, i try to jumpstart it, but it doesnt work, so i bought a new battery and my gf try to conect it and she connect the battery terminal on the wrong side ( she switch positive and negative), it was just a few seconds, but now i check all the fuses, change a few that was burned, but it doesnt start, i try to scan it but doesnt have connection with the engine and gearbox, and when you try to start the engine it just sound as an relay working.

any ideas, i really apreciate your coperation.
also im really sorry for my english is not the best.

Thanks !
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Re: 107 Not Start

Post by xantia_v6 »

Almost every circuit is protected by a fuse (or other means), so in theory no more damage should be done. The alternator is the item most likely damaged, but that won't prevent the engine starting.

To diagnose further, you probably need to measure volages, especially around the engine ECU.
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Re: 107 Not Start

Post by wheeler »

Do you have dash lighting up when you switch ignition on?
You really need to double check all the fuses. If i remember right there are some fusible links under bonnet. Did you check all the fuses behind the speedometer?