[C5 X7] Symptoms of a failing steering rack + known issues of a 4-speed auto?

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[C5 X7] Symptoms of a failing steering rack + known issues of a 4-speed auto?

Post by the-termin8r »

Hi all,

Sorry for making another thread on X7 racks, but I just want to make sure I have the correct info. My dad is in the market for a car again (the wretched Passat didn't even last 2 years). We found a 58 plate 2L petrol, 4 speed auto, X7 estate. We'll be looking at it on Wed. For the most part, we know what to look for since my X7 has been in the family for a decade, however mine has been incredibly lucky that it's had zero rack issues. As a result I don't actually know what to look for. Does it leak LDS, if so, where do I look for the leak? Does power steering cut out intermittently? Does it throw up specific Diagbox errors? Are there errors that on the surface don't seem to be caused by a rack but actually are? Any help is appreciated.

Additionally, I've never heard of the 4-speed auto. Are there any known major issues with this gearbox or the engine given how rare petrol X7s are over here?

- Rob

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Re: [C5 X7] Symptoms of a failing steering rack + known issues of a 4-speed auto?

Post by MattBLancs »

2 litre petrol will be EW10A, 16 valve with VVT on inlet camshaft, 143 bhp. Not a huge amount of power for a big C5 to pull along.

Automatic 4 speed I think will be AL4. I bought a Peugeot 406 coupe with (earlier, non- VVT 137 bhp, EW10J4 2.0 petrol and) AL4 which had a mechanical failure. That could be point at which I'd put you off the AL4, but in my research into potentially fixing the AL4 it seemed mechanical failure was rare.

Some issues with solenoid valves failing (for which the replacements needed a software update as the originals operate differently and are not longer available)

I've been lucky to avoid steering rack leakage as yet, my understanding is only symptom reported is a big LDS puddle, feel and performance is as normal (unless it was to run dry of course)