What "MA-GEAR BOXES" are interchangeable?

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What "MA-GEAR BOXES" are interchangeable?

Post by Maxan »

Hello Gearbox Experts,

I need your assistance! 👊🏼

I'm searching for a new gearbox for my 1990 Peugeot 205 1.4 CJ (engine: TU3M), which currently has an MA5 2CA43 gearbox. I'm trying to determine which gearboxes are interchangeable with mine. I found a gearbox ratio guide, but will that help me identify which gearboxes will fit my car/engine/block?

I've heard that most MA gearboxes should be interchangeable, but I need to be certain. I'm having a mechanic swap the gearbox, and it would obv be a major issue if I gave him the wrong one.

Any advice or tips on how to ensure compatibility would be greatly appreciated!!


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Re: What "MA-GEAR BOXES" are interchangeable?

Post by MattBLancs »

Just posting my reply here (had a PM from Max)
Thanks for the message. I've not had that much direct interaction with the MA gearboxes, more the BE and larger ML gearbox types, so suggest start a thread with your question as I know others know these gearboxes inside out. Jim and several others can rebuild them in their sleep I think! :-D

My understanding is the basic MA gearboxes are the same but a wide range of ratios: 1.1 and 1.0 litres petrol models having very short gearing - so quite high revs at motorway speeds. Conversely the litre 1.4 and 1.5 TUD diesels also used the MA gearbox and would have much longer ratios.

My understanding is that both could physically fit to your 1.4 TU petrol, but obviously would be quite different to use. (I've read of "boy racers" with their Saxos swapping in the short geared 1.1 gearbox to help with acceleration performance)

But definitely worth starting a thread and you'll pick up more detailed advice.

If you describe the issues with your current gearbox, I'm sure others could potentially suggest what might have failed there too,

And stick some pictures up too, love a nice little 205
Good luck with the digging,