Peugeot 207 ABS, P steering warnings

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Peugeot 207 ABS, P steering warnings

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My Pug 207 1.4 Mplay has fallen victim to the faulty ABS warning problem. All wiring is physically ok and there isn't any water, corrosion or damage to the pins in the engine ECU. Launch X431 shows codes F01C no communication with ABS - C1408 absence of vehicle speed info - U1113 no communic with ABS or ESP as well as C1320, C1325, U1108, U1000, U1308 plus 13 other fault codes. I haven't got the time to check all the wiring and pins with a multimeter. Evidence points to a failed ABS ECU and the cost of a reconditioned one plus garage labour would equal the value of the car. Otherwise the car has never failed in 17 years.....a shame.