407 FAP issues.

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407 FAP issues.

Post by robertel99 »

I've a 2005 2.0 hdi RHR 407. The problem is as follows, the differential pressure sensor was hanging in the back end of the engine, and its hoses melted. The dpf was constantly at 100% soot load, and constantly regenerating(hot mirrors and the lot). Now, I have changed the hoses,the mbar at idle is at 0 but changes with revving and the soot load changed to 3% after a 70 km trip, so I guess it did a regen, the mirrors are cold so there is no activation of the power consuming equipment, but the status of regeneration in diagbox is set to "Regeneration" whatever the status of the car is, turned off turned on cold engine hot engine w/e it says regeneration. I have no related errors... its doing my head in. Any clues as to why its doing?

Pic related.Image
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Re: 407 FAP issues.

Post by GiveMeABreak »

You need to have the engine running to get proper live data - the above is showing the engine stopped so you are not getting readings from the pressure sensors etc.

Get another screenshot with the live data with engine running.
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