DS7 Grasping at Straws

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DS7 Grasping at Straws

Post by Iansel »

Just driven 50km with a few stops and starts then pull in to and stop in Brico Depot car park. Whilst I am browsing shower cubicles wifey returns to the car for a pencil and notebook. We then finish the shopping and return to the car. I was surprised to see the analogue clock was up and the car was powered up, a little odd but got in and tried to start foot on brake etc. Horrible noise from the starter and engine didn't fire up. Tried all sorts of things but couldn't find anything that would shut the control system down. Got out of the car opened and closed all doors and fuel cover. Locked (or tried to) the car. Disconnected the battery then reconnected. Nothing work control system always powered up and every time I pushed the start button I got this horrible starter type noise and also an orange engine fault light on.

So contacted DAS for a breakdown engineer 60-90 minutes wait.

Thought i would try one more time, no change. By pure chance I noticed that the steering was on full lock after swinging into the parking place. So being neat and tidy I straightened the wheel up a bit and then idly tried the starter again and bobs your uncle it started.

OK, somewhere in the dark recesses of my mind I seem to recollect that leaving the car on full lock causes problems. Does anyone else ever had this problem?
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Re: DS7 Grasping at Straws

Post by Djandree »


Had a better one). Left on charger for a while, I put a lights on while cleaning dashboard, after a while switched off. After charging I was trying to start it up, but car was behaving strange.. Starter was running, got engine malfunction icon, suddenly another message pops up - put a handbrake on... Couldn't started at all. Diagbox showed 89 faults. After clearing it engine started up as usual.....