307 Key fob issues

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307 Key fob issues

Post by jac0b_ »


I have a 2003 Peugeot 1.6 HDi. I've recently gotten my key fob body and battery changed, the same microchip was transferred into the new case. I've synced it as per Peugeot manual and the key was working fine. After a few hours of rest, I tried to unlock my car and get going, but the fob won't work again. After lowering my window, turning the key few times and holding down the lock button. It started working again, the car throws a message economy mode activated.

Any ideas? Or will I be forced to live the life of shame and leave my window open?

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Re: 307 Key fob issues

Post by GiveMeABreak »

That will be your car battery - best to get that replaced or charged depending on age. A poor battery will play havoc with the electrical systems and if over 5 years old - time for a replacement. Always follow the BSI Reset / Battery Disconnect / Reconnect Procedure.
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Re: 307 Key fob issues

Post by wheeler »

Does the car still start? The car should come out of eco mode as soon as you start the engine.
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Re: 307 Key fob issues

Post by jac0b_ »

wheeler wrote: 16 May 2024, 22:28 Does the car still start? The car should come out of eco mode as soon as you start the engine.
It does start. The key also beeps if door is left open, BSI code seems to be there.
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Re: 307 Key fob issues

Post by ozvtr »

There are 3 parts to the "key".
The blade: Used on the mechanical locks...self explanatory.
The central locking transmitter: This is the circuit board in the "key". It ONLY locks and unlocks the DOORS. This is the bit that may get out of synchronization and may need to be "re-synced".
The transponder chip (the microchip as you called it): This is part of the immobilizer system and ONLY allows the engine to start. This is "coded" into the engine ECU AND IS NOT FORGOTTEN. A scan tool is required to change this info. The transponder chip may get broken, or lost, but the system will NOT "forget" the chips' information.

Eco mode: If the ignition switch is left "on" for AN ACCUMULATION of 30 minutes WITHOUT the engine running, the car will go int ECO mode. This is just to conserve battery power. Most owners do not see ECO mode because they are either driving the car...or not!! If you sit in the car with the engine off listening to the radio OR you are "fiddling about", for more than 30 minutes with the ignition on, the car will go into ECO mode. And I can tell you that time flies when you are having fun! The car will not come out of ECO mode until the engine RUNS. Turning the ignition off, then on, will not get it out of ECO mode! The engine MUST run.

Your key beeps?? Do you mean the car beeps if the key is left in the ignition and a door is opened? This is a function of the transponder chip and we know that's working...your engine runs.

Can you use the button on the dash to lock and unlock the doors? Do the doors lock but not unlock? If the dash button works, then the problem is with the transmitter board in the key. Again, can you lock the car from the "remote key fob" but not unlock it?

The door lock corrodes up because of salty water from the roads. Try moisture displacing spray and try to keep working the lock. That lock is only there for the exact reason of the central locking not working!!!