Citroen C3 2012 electrical issues

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Citroen C3 2012 electrical issues

Post by Gregory88 »

Hi folks, I'm currently having an issue with my car's electrical system. Last month I installed a new battery (the car was stored for many months so the old battery had discharged), all worked normally and took the car to a mechanic shop to fix some issues with the suspension. Fast forward to today, and the car did not start; it cranked but very faintly (it was parked for around a week), so I tried replacing the battery with a spare (fully charged) that I had stored. The problems start after changing the battery, because I cannot unlock the doors using the remote control and the key lock is broken (since someone tried to steal the car) so I'm basically locked outside of the car. I checked the battery connections for any loose cables and also checked the fuses in the engine bay in case one had blown (they were all in good shape). An abnormal issue I spotted while checking the battery was that it sparked while disconnecting it, and measured around 200mA. Another noteworthy symptom is that if I tried to unlock the car with the remote some relays started clicking, and the current consumption went up to 500-650mA (it changed with the relays operation). Finally, as a side note, someone stole the car antenna a couple of days ago and left some electronics exposed, maybe that's related to the current draw (?).
Does someone have an idea why the doors stopped working with the remote? Could it be an issue with the car's computer?
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Re: Citroen C3 2012 electrical issues

Post by GiveMeABreak »

Can't advise as electrical issues can have effects on the vehicle's systems, but you should always follow the BSI Reset / Battery Disconnect / Reconnect Procedure before disconnecting / reconnecting the battery to avoid issues. The guide also shows you how to synchronise the fobs, which if not done can cause the immobiliser to prevent the vehicle starting (even though the starter motor will turn).
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