5008 electonic parking brake woes

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5008 electonic parking brake woes

Post by Wocxman »

I recently changed the rear discs and pads on my wifes 2012 5008 ... mechanically no problem brakes work fine

I disabled the auto parking brake using a diagnostic tool to allow the work , again no problems
I tried to re-enable the auto parking brake function and i get this is prohibited due to a C155d error , which looking it up says it means the auto parking brake has been switched off ..so I cannot switch it on because I turned it off ?
it allows me to calibrate the parking brake , tension the cable , and apply and reapply the the handbrake via the diagnostic tool ...so the mechanical mechanism is working fine

need help from someone who understands this madness please ... is it just a trap to prevent us from working on the cars ourselves or am i missing somthing ?

would not claim to be an expert but it isnt my first rodeo so to speak

thank in advance
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Re: 5008 electonic parking brake woes

Post by GiveMeABreak »

This is becasue the activation of the automatic application of the EPB has been disabled. You need to re-enable automatic application:

Using Diagbox
  • Select the menu: ESP ECU
  • Select the menu: Specific operations
  • Start the "reactivation of automatic application of the electric handbrake"
  • Return to the menu: Global test
  • Switch off the ignition and switch it on again
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