Clunky Steering

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Clunky Steering

Post by Dustysweeper »

I'm being told that instead of it being a worn inner tire rod on the left hand side, it is the full rack needing repaired/replaced.

When the steering gets to almost full lock left there's a heavy clunk you can feel on the drivers floor and it's creaking lock to lock. The clunk is definitely coming from the left side though. I'm inclined to just get the rods changed and see what happens.

Does anyone else have experience with this on a 2014 Grand Picasso?
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Re: Clunky Steering

Post by Stewart(oily) »

Generally speaking there is usually a plastic bush inboard of the inner track rod, often replaceable in situ, if you could replace that too while you were in there you will have covered all eventualities.
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