Peugeot 306 Central locking problem

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Peugeot 306 Central locking problem

Post by Mattg083775 »

Im having a major problem with my peugeot 306s locking system

This car was lying up for ages and the locking system hasnt been used in years. Today i locked the car and it all worked as it should all 5 doors locked when i tried to unlocked it the central locking didnt do anything and only opened the door i had the key in

Now the 2 back doors and the boot is stuck closed, even when i try to unlock the doors from the inside they feel solid

When i turn the key to lock the doors it now makes a click as if its trying to lock all the doors but does nothing then when i turn it the other direction to unlock it just manually unlocks the door that i have the key in

So basically the 2 back doors and boot of my car are sealed closed and i cant get them opened

Any help would be very much appreciated

My car is a 1998 5dr hatchback peugeot 306 1.4 petrol
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Re: Peugeot 306 Central locking problem

Post by spaceface »

I had a V40 where one rear door would struggle to open often in the winter when the passenger front door often failed which I suspected was electrical and caused by winter damp inside the door. The servo in the rear door would try but fail to open the lock properly. I resolved it by lubricating the pivots of the arm mechanism inside the door with silicone spray which I luckily managed to do by removing the internal door handle surround. After this there was a much more solid thunk on all doors when using the locking. No idea what you can get to on a 306. If a servo on one or more doors struggles I suspect it soaks up the available current affecting other doors. When you get the rears open remove the panels to properly lubricate any moving or sliding mechanism bars. Also check the child locks aren't on.
Try unlocking the doors with the engine running, the higher current might help.