2003 model Citroën c3 1.6L 16valve service manual

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2003 model Citroën c3 1.6L 16valve service manual

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Hi everyone, I am from South Africa. I drive a Citroën c3 1.6L 16valve petrol, with manual transmission. About 2 days ago the car, has lost power, and started jerking like its miss firing. I had my obd 2 scanner on it and found 2 codes on it, one is a multiple misfire, code : p0300 and second code is p0350, something about the ignition coil. I have replaced the spark plugs on the can an no improvement. Could the coil pack be faulty or injectors? Does any one have a service manual for me that i can download. Please and thank you
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Re: 2003 model Citroën c3 1.6L 16valve service manual

Post by PaulC5 »

Haynes do a work shop manual for the C3, it is the printed/online version you want, the Autofix ones are not as good https://haynes.com/en-gb/citroen/c3/200 ... 256-diesel

It could be a faulty coil pack but first check its wiring connection and the thin earth wire on top at the gear box end since these can snap.
We had a 1.4 petrol C3 2003 model and that had a misfire which was 2 injectors that failed after heavy rain - water can drip on them through the washer jet holes in the bonnet and the washer pipe to them if it is not sealed at its connections. Rust could be seen on the injector coils. The dealer replaced the injectors under warranty and I used sealant under the washer jets.
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Re: 2003 model Citroën c3 1.6L 16valve service manual

Post by ozvtr »

The "thin wire" that AdriaanDM refers to is just a shielding wire to stop the pulses from the coil pack primary from causing potential interference TO other devices. It really doesn't do a lot.
Yes the washer nozzles do not have a gasket under them and can cause damage to injectors and wiring, as water leaches through. However, that water damage is typically from cases where the roads are salted in winter and it's the salty water that causes the damage. BUT inspect for potential corrosion from that any way.
The combination of those 2 fault codes would lead me to the coil pack as the cause of the misfires. If it was just the P0300...that could be anything! But the P0350 is specifically about a fault in the primary of one or both of the coils in the coil pack.