Economy mode blocking the start-up?

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Economy mode blocking the start-up?

Post by obolikol »

The same issue came back..... Is it possible that economy mode is causing it all (it shows up second i turn the ignition on, the voltage of the battery is 12.4 something like that)? Like the last time, the car starts for 1s. And then shuts-off. If i keep it on the starter and press gas it starts up until i release the pedal... Please help. Or maybe the BSI is broken?
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Re: Economy mode blocking the start-up?

Post by Hell Razor5543 »

Economy mode should NOT do anything to inhibit the starting of the vehicle. It is there to try and prevent equipment taking so much of the battery charge that there isn't enough left in the battery to start the engine (so if you were to leave the radio on it would, assuming the system is working properly, turn the radio off after 30 minutes).

If, when you are turning on the ignition, the system is showing 'Economy Mode' it means that something is drawing power even with the ignition off. If everything was working properly you would rarely see the 'Economy Mode' message.
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Re: Economy mode blocking the start-up?

Post by ozvtr »

You must be crystal clear about the terminology that you use.
Do not use the word "start". Use the words "turn over" and/or "run".
Turn over, refers to using the starter motor to turn the engine over.
Run refers to the engine running under it's own power (no starter).
The car WILL NOT come out of "ECO mode" until the engine runs!!
So you can use the starter to turn the engine over all day long, but if the engine does not RUN the car will NOT come out of ECO mode!
Go back to the basics.
The engine requires compression, oxygen, fuel and ignition.
You may get loss of compression on one cylinder but typically an engine will run with the loss of one cylinder. More than one cylinder is catastrophic...and unlikely!
Oxygen: short of a total blockage of the inlet, this is not usually a problem.
Fuel/ignition. I do not know if your engine is petrol or diesel. But you can use "starting fluid" (like Aerostart) and spray some down the throttle body (warning; follow the instructions on the can!!). If the engine runs (all be it very poorly) then you have a fueling problem.
If you own a diesel that's a big problem. Could be high pressure pump, filter, blockage or a problem with the engine ECU (power or immobilizer). Seek professional help!!
If you own a petrol engine and it runs on starting fluid, again a fueling problem, fuel pump, filter or blockage.
If you own a petrol engine and it DOES NOT run on starting fluid, then you have an ignition problem. Coil pack or engine ECU (power or immobilizer).

If I am reading your post correctly, you probably have a fueling problem. You need to check the fuel rail pressure. If you cant do that, I recommend that you seek professional help!
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Re: Economy mode blocking the start-up?

Post by BKS »

sorry to jump in but i am getting desperate
My 2008 Citroen 1.6 hdi C5 had an issue, long story but the quick question......changed the ECU for a cloned used, no good
I was told by a technician his magic box pointed to fuel delivery system. Changed filter, no good, sucked diesel through low press system connecting to return pipe till bubbles stopped, bulb went hard after a few squeezes, not starting
took high pressure pipe off the injector, turned engine, no diesel.
no fault codes with the pressure release valve, could the HP system be air locked because the cam is turning when engine being turned over or is it going to be the HP pump?
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Re: Economy mode blocking the start-up?

Post by PaulC5 »

Have you checked if the immobiliser is recognising the ignition key ? Leave the key in the ignition and open the driver's door, most cars give a warning about the key if recognised.