Relay gearbox oil & lights issue??

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Relay gearbox oil & lights issue??

Post by Jeffsvan »

Hi all,
This is my first post & relates to my 2017 Citroen Relay (2L Enterprise Blue) which I'm spending all my spare time converting into a campervan. I have 2 queries:
1. As the van has 160k miles on the clock I want to change the gearbox oil. Does anyone have a picture /diagram were I can find the drain plug and filler points. Also any tips for doing this as it looks a bit awkward!
2. A bit more interesting... my side lights (all 4 of them) have started turning on when I lock / unlock the van .... no key in ignition. Also occasionally the headlights main beam won't turn off when van is running? When you turn the engine on/off all seems to reset itself.
Any ideas...
Appreciated any help anyone can offer.
Ta, Jeff