Looking to buy a C5 - MOT issues

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Looking to buy a C5 - MOT issues

Post by RobTaylor »

Hi looking at a C5 2.0 Bluehdi flair plus 2019 25,000 on the clock from Evan's Halshaw
Recent MOT check was a fail for engine MIL inoperative or indicates a malfunction and
reg plate light not working
with advisories - all brakes worn pitted or scored but not seriously weakened and adblue warning light on
All advisories still present on the pass certificate
Any red flags here??
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Re: Looking to buy a C5 - MOT issues

Post by GiveMeABreak »

Discs and pads not an issue, but SCR system may need looking at to determine the exact issue, as this could be the NOx Sensor, a clogged UREA injector, the heated UREA supply pipe, or the tank / pump assembly itself.

I would of thought Evans Halshaw would of determined the issue, as some of these are franchised Citroen dealers, unless it was going to cost them £1500 to sort excluding the discs and pads.....
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Re: Looking to buy a C5 - MOT issues

Post by PaulC5 »

I do not know if Evans Halshaw are the same as 11 years ago but then we were interested in buying a C3 from one of their Citroen sites. There were a few things wrong with the car but they would not fix them and the warranty was only 3 months but if more was wanted it was an extra cost. We went elsewhere to a small Citroen dealer and bought a C3 Approved Used with 12 months Citroen warranty.
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Re: Looking to buy a C5 - MOT issues

Post by MGmike »

Walk away unless it's silly cheap.

As Marc says, the SCR system is expensive to fix with a sensor alone close to £1000. Sensors are a known problem due to the location of the module under the floor being in the firing line of all the lovely salty Scottish roads.