Citron EC4 Fuse box diagram and removing glovebox

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Citron EC4 Fuse box diagram and removing glovebox

Post by Scottsfrenchcar »

Hi Everyone,

My first post, so please forgive any protocol errors.

I own and drive a Citroen EC4 2021 RHD.

While trying to hard wire a dashcam I (stupidly) shorted a wire and blew the reading light fuse. I realised that I was in trouble when I looked at the fuse box and had no fuse diagram or labelling. The manual gives the fuse number and rating, but there is no fuse box plan. The other challenge, isthat it can only be accessed through a small hole at the back of the glovebox.

I have tried to remove the glovebox, but failed twice - can anyone help with this? Also, I am looking for a fuse box diagram please.

I can live without the reading lights, but have received a strongly worded message from the missus who likes the vanity mirror lit up.. Told her that her beauty does need lighting, but suspect she’ll see through it soon :lol:

Any help gratefully received.
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Re: Citron EC4 Fuse box diagram and removing glovebox

Post by GiveMeABreak »

Sorry, but I don't have anything for this model, being it is relatively new. Citroen are only providing basic fuse info now for a few basic systems given the risks of so much 'kit' on the car affecting the vehicles other critical safety equipment and such.

Always use the correct fuse and use a piggy-back type fuse, but always disconnect the battery in future following the BSI Reset / Battery Disconnect / Reconnect Procedure to avoid any electrical issues.
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