Burning oil - one cylinder low compression

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Burning oil - one cylinder low compression

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This isn’t for a French car, it’s regarding a K12 Micra 2008 but you chaps seem much more clever and helpful than any people on other forums, and this is, I imagine, relevant to any petrol engine.

It’s a little 1.4 litre petrol engine. It’s burning oil, worse on acceleration from what I could tell driving behind it. Empties its sump in only a few journeys.

Compression test: first three cylinders 14 bar, matching spec as per Haynes. Fourth cylinder low at 12 bar. Spoon of oil through spark plug hole saw that go up to well over 14 bar.

I know that indicates worn bore or rings, but would that be enough to empty a sump in 100 miles or so?

Or am I looking at something else being the cause?

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