XU10 Throttle body hoses

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XU10 Throttle body hoses

Post by SunRa67 »

HI there, Im looking for some advice on what the hoses here are supposed to connect to?

The engine is a XU10J2:

- The Red one is currently source of a big vacuum leak and the engine stalls when I place my finger over

- The green one is also a vacuum leak source but less so, when i place my finger over it nothing much happens but I can feel a small amount of suction

I tried blanking them and it starts better but stalls when up to temperature and revved.

Any information on where either hose is meant to go would be super helpful! P.s. I am fairly new to all of this so please be kind, I may have some silly questions :)
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Re: XU10 Throttle body hoses

Post by i5xp »

On my Xantia 2.0i the red one is for the fuel tank ventilation system (charcoal canister) and the green one comes from the leftmost nipple on the valve cover for crankcase ventilation. I don't know if blanking them would be a problem, but I know they are plumbed in with the idle control valve. There is a plate on the side of the throttle body with a hex bolt, you should look behind it and clean it.

Stalling problems seem to be common with the xu10j2 as mine also has just stalled randomly at times. Might help to disconnect the battery for a while to reset the ecu when it happens. I also replaced my idle control valve, but I'm not sure if that helped because I have a feeling I simply broke my original one by accident when i was cleaning it. Is yours also very loud with mechanical noise when it runs? I also seem to have a slight knock from the bottom of the engine when I start it cold. Not a very refined engine it seems to me.