Fuel cap

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Fuel cap

Post by Davedrivescars »

I have just purchased a 2018 DS7 with a dodgy fuel cap, I have to pry open the flap to fuel the car, it looks like something is missing as there is what looks like bluetac holding the flap shut. Could someone advise me what is missing or send me a picture of the inside of the filler cap please 🙏
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Re: Fuel cap

Post by GiveMeABreak »

It looks like somebody has previously tried to force the flap open and damaged the locking actuator:

This is the unit, with an electrical connection at the rear. The long tubular part is the bit that goes through the hole in your picture. Somebody has bunged a bit of Blu-tac there to just try and hold it in place. Normally this tube would protrude and lock into the flap recess currently going into the Blu-Tac in order to secure it.
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