Adblue reprogramming legal option

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Adblue reprogramming legal option

Post by Arduer »


I've come across a company offering a re- programming of the ECU which does not disable the Adblue system, but stops the car being affected by error messages, count down, going in to limp mode etc... It is claimed that it is a legal way to solve the issue of a faulty system. Does anyone have any experience of this? I'm not interested in the illegal adblue delete that can be done.
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Re: Adblue reprogramming legal option

Post by GiveMeABreak »

Sorry, but that is still illegal IMO as it it tampering with the emissions system that is in place to a) provide warnings that something is not right with the system, but also b) that if the countdown is prevented, then how are you supposed to know if the adblue tank minimum level has been reached, that will result in further damage I suspect if not topped up and c) preventing vehicle starting is an EU requirement which will be bypassed and therefore is in contravention of the regulations for the system.
AdBlue restricts the amount of harmful emissions from your engine. Emission legislation allows only little amounts of NOx. If you surpass this limit when running without AdBlue™, you may be running illegally.
Note: Legislation will not let you start your engine without AdBlue
If you run out of AdBlue, your vehicle will not re-start after you turn off the engine – this is a condition of the EU6 emissions legislation and applies to all types of vehicles.
As your vehicle will have been certificated to meet the legislations in force at the time, any negative intervention in this regard will void that certification and therefore your vehicle won't meet those standards and can be deemed illegally on the road and that of course can affect / void insurance unless you tell them - which they are not likely to provide cover for, being that the intervention is illegal as mentioned.

So these people will try anything to extract £s from you and often talk BS to make money, now that people are realising it is illegal to have the system removed on public road-using vehicles. Have the system properly looked at and fixed.

The Forum doesn't condone any intervention / crippling of safety or emissions systems and no advice to do so is not permitted :wink:
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Re: Adblue reprogramming legal option

Post by wheeler »

Sounds a bit sketchy, i'm guessing all they are doing is mapping the ECU to ignore & block all fault codes relating to the SCR system, the system may still work but if it did stop working you would have no idea that it has stopped working as if the system is not working it wont display any errors. I suppose you would realise when you aint had to top up the adblue in 20,000 miles.