C3 Puretech 1.0 no engine power

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C3 Puretech 1.0 no engine power

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Hi I have a 2016 PureTech 1.0 edition when I’m at work and go home I start it and get the blue coolant light. I normally let it heat up a few minutes then I drive ,it seems to take ages to go out,driving slow it gets to a point were it’s unsafe to drive as the car bogs down and won’t move like your in limp mode then if you gear down the light goes out and it drives normal .

My wife has a 2016 C1 1.0 and there’s nothing like this it runs like clockwork no problems .
I’m also using about 1L of oil every 1000- 2000 miles
The cars on 42k miles now .
Any advice ?