No Traffic Alerts any more - DS5

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No Traffic Alerts any more - DS5

Post by Albro27 »

I have a DS Automobiles DS5 2016 which has stopped providing traffic alerts. My Citroen dealer has recommended updating the SAT NAV but I cannot see any evidence that that affects traffic alerts. Does anyone know whether there is another reason for these to have stopped (e.g. traffic alerts are no longer provided by the manufacturer, as Honda has dome with the Jazz) or whether there is something else I need to do to subscribe to them?
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Re: No Traffic Alerts any more - DS5

Post by GiveMeABreak »

Depends on the system of Head Unit you have fitted and what you are referring to...

We'll probably need your VIN to confirm which system you have, but if it's Connected NAV, then real-time traffic is subscription based.
If It's TMS on an earlier system then that will depend on your location and what services are available.
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