2009 Berlingo B9 1.6 HDi DV6 multiple engine faults. P0490 P0409 P1459 P1351 P0192

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2009 Berlingo B9 1.6 HDi DV6 multiple engine faults. P0490 P0409 P1459 P1351 P0192

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Hi all
I fixed up this car (clutch, cam belt, sump inspect/clean etc) and sold it to a friend , after about 500 miles it has some running problems , EML, antipollution warning , loss of power. He took it to a garage and they replaced the EGR valve. The fault came back and eventually car cut out on him on the motorway. It was towed home but the next day the car restarted and he has driven it to mine for me to have a look. It seems to have problems in 3 areas. The EGR, the glowplugs , and the fuel pressure. I suspect the fuel pressure circuit is what made the car cut out on him. I have checked the plug and harness on the sensor, seems ok , graph looks ok, I have ordered a new sensor (ebay) anyway.

I have activated the EGR from the scan tool, it sometimes responds, sometimes does not. Strange. Tried another EGR valve, same thing happens. This is presumably driven directly from the engine ECU? Could that be at fault?

Glow plug circuit. Relay not clicking. I don't seem to be getting main power to the relay. There is power on one large terminal in the plug,, but there is no terminal on the relay for that plug, going to check the fuses tomorrow, maybe a maxi fuse feeds the other big terminal ? Also 3 of the 4 what appear to be the outputs to the glow plugs are open circuit.

Any help would be appreciated thankyou especially any wiring diagrams for glow relay, and for EGR valve. Thanks.