Android Auto Additional Screen

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Android Auto Additional Screen

Post by Leevis »

Hi All
Posted a few times over the months about this. I have a DS3 Prestige which is a 2016 but does not have Android Auto or Mirrorlink and I would like it :)

I have noticed that you can now buy these screens that appear to just connect to your phone and they are used instead of your phone.

Does anyone have one of these that owns a DS3? I would a) like to know if they are any good and b) where has it been mounted. I'd like to mount onto the dashboard but don't think that is possible due to the material on the dash on the DS3. Alternatively it could be mounted in the 'gap' just underneath the temperature controls (I thinks its for change) but not sure if a mount can be fitted into there.

Interested in anyones thoughts on this, REALLY annoying I just can get it working on the existing display but don't really want to spend £350 to get it.

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Re: Android Auto Additional Screen

Post by NotAnInterestingName »

Not directly addressing your question, but I have no touchscreen at all in my Berlingo and just use a sucker mount to clamp my phone in the corner of the windscreen and use the phone's own screen. I have a hard-wired power cable popping out of the pillar and audio is sent to the stereo via Bluetooth. I can play music from my phone if I want to, I can even skip tracks with the steering wheel buttons.

I find the phone in the bottom corner of the windscreen is better than the built-in sat nav touchscreen in the DS5, which is out of the line of sight.