Citroen C2 VTS Cruise Control

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Citroen C2 VTS Cruise Control

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Hi all,
I’ve just bought a 2008 C2 VTS Code, a great little car that’s better than I expected. Accordingly, I’m happy to use it on longer runs rather than just locally & I’m wondering if I can easily retrofit cruise control by installing a column stalk to the left of the steering wheel. I know some earlier cars were fitted with steering wheel mounted c/c buttons (and I’ve read the VTR post on retrofitting c/c to a Sensodrive car in Aus) but the handbook shows instructions for a stalk mounted option on the VTS, as fitted to other Citroens of the same era. Does anyone know if I can simply retrofit a plug in stalk (the column cowling would need cutting) and if the relevant pedal switches are present (I can see a switch on the brake pedal)? If it is possible I also assume it would need to be configured with Lexia.
Thanks in anticipation.