Tire Pressure for DS9 Opéra Fuel Version

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Tire Pressure for DS9 Opéra Fuel Version

Post by Lareco »

Hello everyone,

I am from China and currently drive a 2022 DS9 Opéra Fuel Version. I recently came across information about a recall regarding the tire pressure labels, which initially suggested pressures of 2.4 for the front and 2.2 for the rear. However, the correct pressures should be 2.4 for both front and rear.

My local dealership has informed me that there was no recall for my car. I want to double-check if the tire pressure label under my car door is accurate. Could anyone with any model year of the DS9 fuel version kindly share what your label indicates? Also, please include the year of your vehicle.

Thank you for your assistance!
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Re: Tire Pressure for DS9 Opéra Fuel Version

Post by PaulC5 »

I suspect your label is not correct for the front tyre pressure when heavily loaded. On the cars I've had, it was not usual to have to increase the front pressures, only the rear ones. On our cars I keep the rear pressures between the min and max values so if these are 2.2 / 2.9 I would use 2.55 bar. On the tyres themselves will be the tyre max pressure.
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Re: Tire Pressure for DS9 Opéra Fuel Version

Post by NotAnInterestingName »

Pick a number and stick to it. If your tyres wear more in the centres you should reduce it, if they wear more at the edges then increase it.
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Re: Tire Pressure for DS9 Opéra Fuel Version

Post by Djsedgwick »

Hi, mine is the same, but 2.9 seems to hard... Dealer knows nothing about this so no help there, sadly...
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Re: Tire Pressure for DS9 Opéra Fuel Version

Post by DS9 »

Looks like they couldnt make their mind up on mine so tore off a layer and got a different answer.

Mine is the 225 petrol and 2.2 at the back probably makes sense when unladen as there isnt 300kg+ of batteries in the boot.

I'm riding on ZR's which is the lighter font so I should perhaps reduce the rear's to 32psi