Citroen berlingo van 750 First HDI 1.6

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Citroen berlingo van 750 First HDI 1.6

Post by Lou »

Morning . I am looking for some advice on my van . It’s been a lovely runner , then all of a sudden it wouldn’t start and I noticed the wipers were permanently on and the indicators not working and the head lights were on when they should be off ! . It’s been in numerous garages and I’ve had a new battery , new glow plugs , and whilst at the garage it started , typical , then for the last couple of weeks it hasn’t ! The frustrating thing is it passed its mot and with no advisory’s .
We think it maybe electrical but realise if it went to Citroen it would cost and it’s a 2011 plate with 156k miles on the clock
Just wondering if there is anything else we could do or else I thought of selling for spares or repairs but am reluctant ?
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Re: Citroen berlingo van 750 First HDI 1.6

Post by PaulC5 »

When it started at the garage was it just after a new battery was put on ? If so I would check its voltage now in case it is going flat and is not charged enough.
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Re: Citroen berlingo van 750 First HDI 1.6

Post by myglaren »

Ideally it needs a diagnostic session with a Diagbox/Lexi or similar and there are members on the forum who offer to run diagnostics, usually for a minor consideration compared to the dealer.

A list and a link to a map of their locations here

But with these types of fault, the first recommendation is to do a BSI reset procedure.
Be sure that the battery is fully charged before proceeding as a depleted battery that is unable to supply 12V will cause problems and may be the reason for the faults you are experiencing.

The BSI reset and battery disconnect/reconnect procedure can be seen here