3 Citroen's, 3 problems

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3 Citroen's, 3 problems

Post by foreversun82 »

Hi everyone

I'm a bit of a Citroen Fanboy and have three of them :-D and they all have some issues. Let's start with the most important one:

Citroen Xsara VTS 2.0l 1998 (pre-facelift), right-hand drive (Europe import).

The car generally runs well, but the speedo shows always 30km/h too much. So, when the engine is turned on but the car is not moving it already shows 30km/h. About two years ago, the garage had to grind the rims because the tyres were loosing air and it feels like it happened since them but it also might be a faulty speedo. And finding a new speedo for this very specific model is almost impossible :|

Citroen C4 by Loeb 1.6l petrol engine (120bhp) 2009

This car always had some issues, like high oil consumption but since a while it feels like it's clogged while accelerating. It feels a bit powerless, especially in gear 4 and 5. The garage guy said the fuel injection could be faulty and the engine isn't getting enough petrol.

Citroen Berlingo Multispace 1.6l diesel engine

The Berlingo usually runs well, but sometimes on the motorway in high gear (5 or 6) it stutters and I always panic the engine could turn off. It only happened once but that was on a steep hill. And it's very unpredictable when it happens, but usually after turning off the engine and turning it on again, it's gone.

I do love my Citroens but I wish I could solve some of the issues :wink:
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Re: 3 Citroen's, 3 problems

Post by PaulC5 »

On the speedo you might be able to remove it and adjust the needle position. I did this on our C5 when the needle became loose due to a crack and put it back on with a dab of glue. On later Citroens the car mileage is recorded on both the speedo and bsi and if one is replaced the car will adopt the mileage whichever is highest. This might not apply to your car but if it did and you tried a used one with a higher mileage your car would then adopt it.

Is the servicing up to date on all the cars, if not this could lead to some of the problems but you might need to have diagnostic checks.

For the Berlingo if the diesel filter has not been replaced recently then that is a good place to start.