C5 x7 1600 hdi. light gone out in centre of speedo

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C5 x7 1600 hdi. light gone out in centre of speedo

Post by Peter.N. »

I seem to get more than my fair share of electrical faults. This is the replacement for the estate with all the engine problems, didn't particularly want a 1600 but it was local and very tidy, its a 2010. I still have the other car but they want £1300 + to fit a new clutch. Incidentally is the steering rack in this one different, its the first one I have had that doesn't leak! And its done 175k miles, both the others had only done just over 100k and do.

Back to the plot. I started the car outside a friends house and the centre light didn't come on, the speedo lighting is OK. I can see the information being displayed but not backlit. I have no doubt it will be a horrendous job. Is it bulb or LED lit?

Incidentally this car goes surprisingly well as long as you don't want to drive over 70, which I don't, and the fuel consumption has averaged over 50 mpg since I had it. The gear positions seem a bit odd as it only has a 5 speed gearbox. You have to be careful to remember which car you are driving!