C4 2023 Shine Firmware update

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C4 2023 Shine Firmware update

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I need your help please. I started the OTA update using wifi, but got interrupted. Now lots of functions not working, is as going back to very basic version of the software because update was not successful.

These are not working any more as far as I know
1- Sensors, ultra sound sensors and proximity sensors.
2- Reverse Camera.
3- Navigation map application is hidden. Only pops when it predicts where I am going. Going to work.
4- Cruse control is disabled.
5- Wifi got disabled. Cannot rescan for updates.
6- AC climate control for each seat is disabled. Can't control the temp. It is only now on/off. Fan can be controlled.

Took the car to the local dealer, but they were unable to fix it, saying that they will contact France HQ and get back to me. This is about 2 months now with no updates.

Can you please help me and advice?

My Vin is VR7**************[VIN obfuscated, can be read by forum staff]

Thank you in advance!
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Re: C4 2023 Shine Firmware update

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I can't help you unfortunately as no updates for this vehicle are available from the servers to me - which tells me they are OTA updates for this vehicle, and are supposed to be pushed out automatically.

I am aware of some issues regarding these vehicles and the recent update for the system on this vehicle - which has led to the problems you are having. There has been a delay in getting the manual update through, but as far as I am aware the dealers should now have access to the update to correct this and be able to apply it via their diagnostic equipment connected to the server or via an update they can apply manually via USB.

So I would continue to push them for this or get them to apply the update manually.

See this thread with similar stories after a failed OTA update. In each case the dealer was able to manually re-apply the firmware manually to restore functionality to the system.

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Re: C4 2023 Shine Firmware update

Post by BMM »

Dear Admin,

Thank you vey much indeed!
I will follow-up with them.