2004 C2 VTS gearbox oil

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2004 C2 VTS gearbox oil

Post by SaxoWill »

Hi everyone!

Firstly, thank you for all the information on these forums - it’s been a lifesaver plenty of times!

I’ve been forced to change the gearbox oil (pulled the driveshaft out at the transmission end when replacing the lower suspension arm) and wanted to check a few things first:

1. Gearbox oil should be 2ltr Total Traxium Gear 8 75W80

2. Can I fill using the breather hole at the top of the gearbox? (A diagram would be great, I think it’s the one with the plastic cap?)

I’ve had a search on the forums and found the oil specs from there and some different diagrams showing gearbox oil drain, level and filler locations but not specific to the C2 VTS

I should mention the car is a 2004 C2 VTS which I think is the MA gearbox?

Many thanks in advance and for reading this far!