Roger’s Xantia S2 Blog. A fact finding journey…

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Roger’s Xantia S2 Blog. A fact finding journey…

Post by Rhothgar »

Well. Rather than start separate posts all the time.

I figured it is perhaps time to give Marc’s suggestion a go of having a blog. I suspect the issue with blogs is that it becomes harder to find interesting snippets within them when you’re searching for answers.


let’s see how it goes!

Problem Number 1.

Car passed its MOT last week but tester said it looked as though the steering dampener was leaking. Very perceptive. Of course, I hadn’t notified this and I’m not sure I’m entirely convinced.

Does anyone know what he is talking about? He said there is a little seal inside that can be replaced? If so, please tell me this is a job that can be done with the rack left on the car!

Either way, strangely I have since noticed that the steering appears to be getting stiffer.