Again water in rear light DS7

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Again water in rear light DS7

Post by Kwinkel69 »

Hi, My left rear light has turned into an "aquarium" once more, despite having all my lights replaced previously. The last replacement was four years ago, and now I'm facing a 650 euro charge for a new unit from DS. I've come across instances where such replacements were covered at no cost. Could anyone share how they managed to get this done? The thought of shelling out a significant amount for a component that might just fail again is quite disheartening. Given the premium branding, one would anticipate a higher standard of durability in their products, wouldn't you agree?
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Re: Again water in rear light DS7

Post by GiveMeABreak »

No, wouldn't agree to be honest and I mean this in an honest way - they are deliberately over-priced vehicles and in many cases use the same parts as Peugeot / Citroen vehicles, apart from styling and body parts of course. There is a 'premium' attached to these, but they suffer the same problems as other similar vehicles within PSA marques. Engines aside which are again used throughout the marques, the same issues with leaking roofs, leaking windscreen trim, poor suspension mountings, light enclosures filling with water, etc. etc., the downside is you are paying more for the same poor quality.

I would only ever buy anything 'DS' branded second hand and then with a full service history and checks to see all After-Sales campaigns work has been completed - and then ony if the price was dirt cheap, which isn't problem , as they lose considerable value:

Some Examples from 'What Car's' 10 Most depreciating vehicles. The DS3 is at No1, and the DS9 at Number 8!

Model E-Tense Espirit De Voyage | List price £39,825 | 36k/3yr resale value £11,350 | Price drop £28,475 | Retained value 28.5%

Model 1.6 E-Tense 4x4 Espirit De Voyage | List price £74,415 | 36k/3yr resale value £23,325| Price drop £51,090| Retained value 31.34%

But back to your light issue - if they have replaced it once under warranty, they very likely will NOT replace it again, unless you have extended warranty still covering the vehicle.
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