Adblue injection valve stuck open

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Adblue injection valve stuck open

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Hi folks,

Have a Citroen c3 2015 1.6 throwing a code for stuck open reductant injection valve.

I have replaced the injector before already, 5 months ago. The previous injector was stuck open and flooding the exhaust system with fluid (tail pipe white smoke and crystallisation) it also had a code for short to ground when trying to test operation with lexia and diagbox. But it didn't show this code until trying to force its operation with the testing command on laptop. So i knew then it was deffo the injector coil that was knackered or wiring to it.

I initialised the new injector with diagbox and test drove to confirm that it was injecting. Also tested with injector removed and test function on diagbox. Confirmed good spray pattern but didn't measure quantity.

Could this just be a case of another bad injector? 5 months doesn't seem long for a new injector…

Does someone know what the resistance value should be if i measure the solenoid coil with multimeter?? Any other suggestions? I haven’t had a chance to look at the car yet so can’t run diagbox or visually inspect injector.