2017 Peugeot expert. Electrical issues. Alternator? Stop/start?

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2017 Peugeot expert. Electrical issues. Alternator? Stop/start?

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Hi guys.

My expert is.... Causing me hell. She has 205k miles so have to be lenient.

Symptoms of this latest issue.

Doesn't start. Just CLICK.
Bump start backwards down hill.

Drive to next job.
Park on hill forwards. Try. Lazy turn over.


Assumed it were the LION battery I fitted from ECP in December.

Changed battery for another new one. NO change.

Try to start. CLICK. Nothing more. All lights on dash etc.

Bump start. Away we go.

Then fails more with issues indicating alternator.

Test... Only 10.6 amp.

So. I changed alternator. Reset fault codes. Charged battery.

Still no dice.

Tested. And there seems like MINUS battery current? (Checked thru my TopDon)

Pictures attached show my Peugeot expert 2017. And also a Dispatch 2020. Dispatch indicates a positive battery current 🤔

Also. Image showing list all the fault codes etc was BEFORE reset. And image of 4 fault codes is after reset.
Screenshot_20240318-102234 (1).png
Any help and hints much appreciated. Thanks.
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Re: 2017 Peugeot expert. Electrical issues. Alternator? Stop/start?

Post by PaulC5 »

If the starter just clicks with a fully charged battery then that could suggest the starter is faulty, possibly its carbon brushes are worn out.