Front suspension only goes up.

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Front suspension only goes up.

Post by dopypuppy »

2005 C5
Front suspension will pump up when the door is opened and will continue to go pump for a minute. Suspension is scarry high and looks like something will brake.
The manual control buttons will adjust the ride height in the rear and not the front. Just up only.
A little history.
This happened straight after I had the fuse and ecu box under the bonnet apart looking for an AC relay. (Story for another post). I had the battery disconnected for a short time during this time. I noticed Maxi fuse 8 blew at this time as well.

I have read about a ride height sensor,l and want to investigate it but need some help locating it.
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Re: Front suspension only goes up.

Post by GiveMeABreak »

Don't get under the vehicle unless independently supported! With suspension issues the vehicle can drop without warning bottoming out and crush you. This is essential when doing anything with the suspension including fiddling with, but not limited to the height correctors.

There is a height correct on the front left subframe and the rear one is on the rear axle. Be aware that if you remove the clamp, you MUST mark the current position exactly, as there is no guide for replacing it correctly.

Height sensors will fail at some point as they corrode.

Before doing anything, I would get it hooked up to Lexia or Diagbox and first determine the issue. If it's a height sensor you should be getting a relevant fault code.
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