vacuum pump

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vacuum pump

Post by PaceY »

hi guys the vacuum pump on my 205 1,8 d has two pipes coming out one obviouslt goes to the breaks and they work fine but the other pipe just sits in the engine bay and is cut off. can someone tell me where this goes to. Thanks
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Re: vacuum pump

Post by CitroJim »

It may have been to control the cold fast idle and/or cold advance on the injection pump...

To be sure, we really need to see some detailed photos of the injection pump fitted.

In any case, if it's all non-functional, in the balmy UK, it makes little difference and will not affect performance in any way. You'd only notice its absence when the brass monkeys start to shiver and get hypothermic. The sort of cold we no longer see in these days of climate change...

The main thing is that the disconnected pipe is capped so that the brake servo gets its proper share of the available vacuum.

Some upmarket 205s - mainly the GTi and similar - had optional vacuum sunroofs. The vacuum was used to suck down the tubular sealing rubber around the underside of the roof to allow it to be easily slid back. Does yours have one of these that's now dysfunctional?

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