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Peugeot Partner 2016

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I’ve recently sent my van in for front brakes and discs, cambelt and water pump change and leaky thermostat and then they told me the seals needed to be done on the injectors.( all in £1300) So I got the work done and got the van back (had to set the clock) I then found an oil leak which never existed before!

I asked them to have a look and they said Cam carrier was leaking which cost me £100 (had to set the clock) I was disappointed as never had a leak previous but anyway got van booked in. The van was in and three days later they said the vans done but they didnt have to remove cam carrier they think (even has ? on invoice) it might be vacuum pump and replaced gasket. (£420)Got the van back (didn’t have to set clock) drove 10 miles and looked under engine it’s still leaking…. Rang them again and now it’s got to go back in …….not sure what I should do……did they do the gasket on vacuum pump as they didn’t disconnect battery? Should they have done what they said and done cam carrier? Why did it start leaking after the service? Not sure what to do, can I trust them?
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Re: Peugeot Partner 2016

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If it were me I would be having a conversation about the fact that the leaks were not present prior to the work being carried out. They must have assessed the van and its condition prior to providing a quote, therefore any leaks present should have been noted.

What does the quote say? Does it have small print regarding the possibility of other leaks due to the work being carried out?

I would consider a second opinion on the work that has been carried out and the leaks now present. The van should be test driven and thoroughly checked for leaks and correct operation prior to being returned to you. You have now spent a lot of money on the van and if I was in your position I would have concerns over the quality of work being carried out.

Things can and do happen when repairing vehicles, but in my experience, the garage has always worked to resolve the issue, rather than just kept charging extra. If in doubt, get a second opinion.