Citroen C1 2009 1.0 clutch issue/gearbox oil leak

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Citroen C1 2009 1.0 clutch issue/gearbox oil leak

Post by Quentin »

Hi guys,

I have a C1 and the clutch has gone. I was about to remove the gearbox to replace the clutch when I noticed an oil leak from the gearbox. At first I thought it was the rear main oil seal leaking but upon closer inspection it smells like gearbox oil and behind the flywheel looks dry so have ruled that out. I can see a lot of oil inside the gearbox bell housing which I presume has leaked out of the input shaft seal onto the clutch.

has anyone else encountered this problem ? Is it a common issue?

I’m struggling to find any information online and track down the correct seal. Citroen haven’t been particularly helpful. Im trying to avoid removing the gearbox and killing my ramp until I have the correct seal ready to go.

any advice would be appreciated.

many thanks, Quentin