2012 207 1.6HDI 92 smoking issue !!

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2012 207 1.6HDI 92 smoking issue !!

Post by Andrew121967 »

Hi .. a bit of background first

I've had my 2012 207 1.6 HDI 92 from 2013 when it had done 12k .. its now on 85k and regularly serviced by myself as a mechanical fitter.

For some time it has had a nasty smoking habit .. mostly black with a little blue on start up. It gradually got worse and ended up with DPF at risk of clogging message coming up. Didn't go into limp home mode and ran fine but threw up the associated codes. Did a few tests including leak back and a couple of the injectors appeared to be leaking back too much so replaced them with new ones .. ended up replacing a third just in case. Coded them in using my scanner. Had the DPF cleaned out but still smoked and after a short while it went into limp home mode.

After abandoning the car for a few months I then decided to have the DPF/EGR mapped out. That solved that problem or the fault code/limp home mode issue .. but it still smokes (black) .. quite bad on acceleration. Fuel economy is same as it has always been .. allegedly 54 MPG and it starts and runs fine, with no codes being thrown up.

The only thing it doesn't do now, which it always did prior to the smoking issue, is that the turbo doesn't whistle ... now that does not bother me at all as I'm not a boy racer, but is it a coincidence ?

I'm at a loss as to why it's still smoking and have two possible thoughts .. duff turbo or fuel pressure regulator fault. There are no split hoses on the intake pre or post turbo. I haven't had the intercooler out to clean out as that may have oil in it and the turbo turbine from the intake side seems fine. A little oil is present but nothing horrendous.

Any thoughts greatly appreciated as apart from that its still a good car and don't want to give up on it just yet !!
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Re: 2012 207 1.6HDI 92 smoking issue !!

Post by Huskyxantia »

Cat ok ? Filters ? Lots of cheap fake ones around at the mo so be careful.
Valves ? Sticky .?
Husky. :?