Updating NAC or RCC Firmware, Maps, Licences

This is the Connected NAV system.
Main Features: It is a fully integrated Telematics System featuring CarPlay, Android Auto, Real Time Services, Voice Commands, High-Res Display, 3D Navigation, Bluetooth Hands Free & USB. 2 versions of the system are available NAC (Navigation Audio Connectée) and RCC (Radio Couleur Connectée) or Connected Colour Radio, which does not have the Integrated Navigation or Live Services.

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Updating NAC or RCC Firmware, Maps, Licences

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Instructions for updating Firmware, installing Licence Files and Map Updates

Be aware that although all the firmware files provided by Staff here are direct from PSA servers, you install any and all files at your own risk.

1) Download the tar file to your PC.
2) Format a suitably sized USB with FAT32
3) Use compression / decompression utility like 7zip from 7zip.org to decompress the files only onto the USB you have just formatted. Make sure that you have not created the actual name of the compressed Tar on the USB.
4) Start engine and keep it running. Wait 1 minute for the modules to load before inserting your USB into the system.
5) If you get a message saying it cannot find any media files, this just means it's looking for music or other files. Either cancel or wait a few seconds for the system to detect there is an update and then go ahead when it asks you to update.
6) Don't play with any controls or switches, especially the Touchscreen during the update process and do not remove the USB until asked.

Licence File
1) If your vehicle does not have WiFi on-board to authorise the firmware update over the air (OTA), you will need to create a folder on the USB called license.
2) After creating the license folder on the USB, copy the licence file into the license folder

1) Make sure you have format the USB again in FAT32 before starting to ensure there are no files remaining from previous use.
2) Repeat as for Firmware.

In all cases allow time to do this. Firmware updates can take 40 minutes or longer. Map updates can take a similar time depending on the map size.
Always keep the engine running during an update, because if it goes into economy mode during an update, it can brick your head unit!
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