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Pegeout Boxer

Post by Andrewmpalmer2003 »

Hi - I'm stressed but that is not the word !!!!

I have a 17 plate boxer, its had new water pump and timing belt, thermostat housing as it was losing water and causing a long list of associated problems - they have been solved - head gasket - dpf etc

however now my heat gauge is showing ping over to v hot and the red warning circle light showing, so I stop and check the water in header tank, its not losing water, at all, when I turn engine off and on, the dial goes down for a few miles and then pings up again....all this whilst engine management light is on.

ive had a friend look at it with an older computer and he say categorically its not over heating at all, the gauge went up when he was connected and it had constant revs going through to build top the engine temp, he wanted to try to get to fans to come on which they did eventually....he said all the pipes are hot and cold where they should be, not losing water, and its not overheating, so that dial should not be coming did when I drove it home last night again !

Any ideas, it seems to me is it a faulty dial or faulty sensor.

Thank you for reading, a very stressed Andrew
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Re: Pegeout Boxer

Post by GiveMeABreak »

When you refilled the cooling system (assuming you would have done that when changing the Head Gasket / Water Outlet, did you properly bleed the system? There are specific ways these have to be bled. A dealer would have the procedure for this if you haven't done so.
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