DS5 Hybrid 2.0 grinding noises from rear

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DS5 Hybrid 2.0 grinding noises from rear

Post by StrictlyConfidential »

I have a feeling something has broken in the rear electric motor.

I was reversing into my driveway when suddenly the car started emitting very loud grinding noise from the rear.

When put in to neutral no issue, but as soon as a forward or reverse is engaged and throttle is applied, the car barely moves. Sound from rear is very loud.

It will be towed to a garage, but perhaps anyone knows what could be the issue?
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Re: DS5 Hybrid 2.0 grinding noises from rear

Post by GiveMeABreak »

Hard to tell if this is part of the transmission reducer (if it has a bearing noise) which is part of the electric motor sub-assembly or something else to do with the piloted gearbox....

Only a proper look will determine the problem, but fingers crossed it's not the electronic reduction gear, as that's a tad under £2.2k
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