Com2003 to Com2008 questions

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Com2003 to Com2008 questions

Post by drumvlado »

Hi all.
I bought a secondhand com2008 unit because I needed the gear flaps and noticed how nice the stalks operate compared to the older coms. And there the question arised - can I put one in my 2007 C5 if it came from a CAN2004 car? I know the wiring has to be adjusted, but I am concerned about the compatibility with my BSI.
I know it was on later 407s, which is basically the same car, but there was also the BSI Evolution as on the C5 X7.
Anyone done this?
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Re: Com2003 to Com2008 questions

Post by wheeler »

A 2004 model will almost certainly be a VAN/CAN model & a 2007 (assuming it's not an X7 model) will be full CAN so not compatible.
X7 comms units are also full CAN but a completely different physical shape.