Suspension pump C5 III 2008

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Suspension pump C5 III 2008

Post by Hellihawk »

I have had problems with my suspension pump and have changed it a couple of times.
However the fault is coming back.
It seems that that electrical motor that drives the pump gets overheated and then the bridge that holds the Coles raise and the motor stops working. My guess is as I have not been able to bleed the system after replacing the pump - it will keep on going to much?
My question is: is it the same electrical motor to all the different pumps for the C5 regardless of year model? If so - then I can just buy the cheapest one on eBay for fixing my suspension temporarily.
Greatful for suggestions / Johan - stuck in Spain
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Re: Suspension pump C5 III 2008

Post by myglaren »

There is a collection of faults and fixes of the suspension pumps here Johan.
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