2012 Citroen ds4 2.0 HDI

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2012 Citroen ds4 2.0 HDI

Post by Mohtand »

These are issues that I’m having with my car and I’m wondering if someone can help me identify some potential cause(s)

Motor blower has been working intermittently for the past 2 months - replaced battery less than a month ago as was sat still for 2 days and flat battery in the cold. The first start the blowers worked but then second time it wasn’t working. I still get heat so when I’m driving at highway speeds my car warms up it’s just not blowing any air through the vents.

After I changed my battery I started getting an electrical circuit fault on dash

Occasional squeaking at high speeds coming from engine bay and when going over small bumps and dips in the road it will squeak a bit sounds like it’s coming from the middle of my car behind the dash

Ticking and buzzing sound coming from behind engine when idling after a drive

I’m not sure if these issues are connected but my thoughts are it could be timing belt and water pump needing to be replaced, I’m at 105,000 miles and I don’t think it’s been changed. But I can’t see how if there was an issue with these parts how it can affect the blower motor not blowing air.

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Re: 2012 Citroen ds4 2.0 HDI

Post by Huskyxantia »

Blower motor resistor might be on its way out , ebay sell these youtube has videos how to replace , as for the ticking and buzzing noise if you do get the timing belt replaced chage the bottom crank pulley too . Your at the right mileage for this to be replaced.
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